SAP EPM Products

SAP EPM Products

What services can we offer you?

Groupflow EPM are experts in the configuration and maintenance of the SAP EPM reporting stack of Applications for Financial Management up to the latest software releases:
  • SAP Financial Consolidation
  • SAP S/4 HANA Group Reporting
  • Add-in for Office (AfO)

  • SAP Cube Designer
  • SAP Disclosure Management 
  • SAP Financial Information Management (SAP FIM)



We only work to best practice methodology which involves configuring the systems using standard application functionality to ensure top performance, maintainability and product lifespan. 

Financial Consolidation In SAP EPM
Financial Consolidation as a solution in SAP EPM can be confusing in 2021.  As an experienced SAP Financial Consolidation consultant, we are here to help and make matters clearer for clients. 
When we talk about Financial Consolidation, we refer to the following software solutions:
Also known by its full name SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation, SAP BFC is effectively the rebranded solution developed and sold by French software company Cartesis in the early 2000s.
Software versions earlier than v10 are effectively out of support and clients should either upgrade or consider implementing new technology.
SAP Financial Consolidation
Subsequent versions of SAP BFC were developed into the enduring version known as SAP Financial Consolidation from v10.1 onwards.  Known colloquially as SAP FC, it brings enhanced User Experience on HTML5 platform along with unified intercompany reconciliations at company level.  During the COVID pandemic in 2020, SAP announced extended support for customers running SAP Financial Consolidation until 2027.
SAP S/4 HANA for Group Reporting
The latest flagship solution by SAP is the Group Reporting for S/4 HANA.  Combining real-time consolidation processes, Group Reporting accelerates performance in a unified environment including reconciliation, eliminations and automated adjustments. 
As certified SAP BFC Consultants we understand the system inside out and have deep expertise in all domains and modules.  We are true experts in the field and keep ourselves informed of the latest trends in the industry.
Find out how we helped DNB Bank as a trusted SAP Financial Consolidation partner.
We offer the following services/roles
  • Functional design, build and maintenance
  • Assessment of landscape and strategy
  • System upgrades and migrations
  • Fine tuning, rationalisation and performance improvement
  • Helpdesk support


We have worked with many blue-chip multinational organisations across a variety of sectors to implement and enhance the SAP EPM environment.  Our expertise covers statutory financial consolidation, reporting of disclosures, management reporting, financial planning/budgeting/forecasting and regulatory reporting.  We believe in always using best practice methodology with SAP technology – this not only ensures that you are getting the best possible performance but that all vendor warranties remain valid for the duration of your support agreement.

Groupflow EPM offer functional and technical assessments of existing SAP EPM environments for the following modules:


  • SAP Financial Consolidation (SAP FC/SAP BFC)
  • SAP Disclosure Management


Our system assessments will cover a range of operational areas to determine the healthiness of the software including security, metadata configuration, rules performance etc..  Customers will receive a report from our experts with recommendations on any remedial action needed.  There is no obligation to use our services afterwards.

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